Pamela BOYD ministries

She willingly gives of herself through various ministries, which places her in a welcome position to be both taught and ministered.  Little did she know that total surrender would enable her to receive insight from God that would take her to new levels in Christ.  She has faithfully walked and looks forward to the fascinating journey ahead.  She has been busy reading, writing, and speaking using multiple platforms including The Pam Boyd Radio Show formerly on 1570 WIGO AM now on, her books Repent and After You Repent, an active blog, and many other opportunities to teach and share the word. 

She is an Atlanta Native.  Her educational background includes a BBA from Georgia State University and MBA from the University of Phoenix.  She makes her home in the Lithonia area and she also recognizes that she is a product of the love and support from all her family and friends.


God will remove the obstacles that are in your way.  Doors are opened to you as an extension of God's will for your life.  Race, gender are no longer excuses, they are now footstools.

                                                                                        --Pamela Boyd

Author/Radio Personality/Speaker

Pam Boyd accepted her calling into the ministry and actively serves at her Church.  Although it came as a complete surprise, she is humbled that God would choose her and has wholeheartedly submitted herself

as a willing vessel to His work.  Her desire is to branch full force into worldwide ministry as God is leading.  She knows there is a lot of work to be done and she is happy to serve.