About the Editor

​Antonio Davis was born in Alabama as the proud son of Dorothy Parker and is affectionately called Tony.  A testimony to Tony’s character was when he was denied entrance into the prestigious Magnet program at his high school.  However, this 

did not deter Tony.  He proved that academic excellence could still be achieved by graduating at the top of his high school class, receiving more college scholarship money than anyone at the school and receiving and accepting a Senatorial appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Tony was the first African American student in the state of Alabama to be awarded entrance into all four major military academies.  

After graduating, Tony served in the military and was quickly promoted to the rank of Captain.  He served overseas as well as stateside.  He relocated several times before eventually making his home in Georgia. 

In addition to Tony’s educational and military achievements, he went on to travel the world as an information technology consultant.  He holds several significant Information Technology and Cybersecurity certifications and is now a CyberSecurity executive for his current employer which is also a Fortune 250 company.  Tony is also a member and contributor to numerous professional organizations.   

With all of Tony’s successes and accomplishments, he prides most in his faith in God.  He excels as a family man and is loved by his wife, Pam Davis.

EXCERPT:  "After you repent"

You must expect to have tests and these tests are coming regardless.  The Holy Spirit has already been assigned as your teacher.  There is an old Yogic saying "when the student is ready, the teacher appears" indicating a universal truth that your readiness to learn invokes the learning process.

 First, you must be an open vessel the Holy Spirit can pour into, by learning the steps within the decision making process.  Trust that you made the right decision, to repent, by taking active steps to surround yourself with God and things of God as much as possible.  Be selective about the people with whom you connect, the things with which you participate, and even the church of which you’re to be a part.  You want to be sure you have the right motives in everything and everyone where your influence is impactful.  Remember even Judas had the right connections and the right people; but, eventually his motives surfaced and it no longer mattered that he was a part of the disciples.